Wardens Training

Need Fire Warden Training?

In the event of a building evacuation as a result of a fire, the role of fire warden is crucial to the safety of all building occupants. During an evacuation, the Building Warden represents Fire & Emergency NZ until their arrival and, therefore, has authority over occupants of their building.

NOVA offers a comprehensive training course designed to prepare fire wardens for an emergency situation

Training covers:

  •   The role of a fire warden
  •   What a warden must do in an evacuation
  •   The role of a Building Warden
  •   What happens when the Fire Service arrives
  •   Visitor and assistance registers
  •   Evacuation boards and checklists
  •   Evacuation signage
  •   Fire extinguishers and safety signs
  •   Legislation relating to fire evacuation
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