Trial Evacuations

Need An Independent Consultant To Run Your Fire Drill?

Once a Trial Evacuation Scheme has been approved by Fire & Emergency NZ regular 6 monthly trial or emergency evacuations are required to be held and documented.

NOVA EVACUATION SERVICES can run this process for you , ensuring that the correct procedures are followed before during and after the trial evacuation, including liaising with Fire & Emergency NZ and submitting written reports to all relevant parties.

Nova Evacuation Services Will;

  •   maintain database and records
  •   advise client/tenant 2 weeks before an evacuation is due
  •   liaise with tenant to find suitable time for trial evacuation
  •   arrive onsite , prepare and ready alarm, assess the building and tenants to determine if any extraordinary circumstances exist.
  •   contact FENZ and inform them of the impending trial evacuation
  •   activate fire alarm and conduct Trial Evacuation
  •   observe the trial Evacuation , noting time taken and procedural knowledge and conformity of occupants of the building as they exit
  •   deactivate alarm and return it to normal polling position
  •   conduct a warden debrief and procedural review
  •   prepare trial evacuation report and file it with FENZ
  •   send written report to building owner and tenant.
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